In the bustling tech landscape of California, fresh out of the University of Pennsylvania in 2017, Burke's life took an unexpected turn. It wasn't the cutting-edge technology that sparked his entrepreneurial flame, but a vibrant soul named Amy.

Amy was a force of nature - a beacon of joy in the workplace, with an uncanny ability to unite people through her infectious humour. For six blissful months, Burke and Amy worked side by side, their camaraderie growing with each passing day.

Then came the morning Amy didn't show up. A phone call revealed a harsh truth - she was hospitalized. As Burke comforted her, Amy's usually cheerful voice cracked with vulnerability. She confessed her regret at neglecting her health, lamenting how a smarter health-tracking watch could have alerted her to the silent threats of high blood pressure and weight gain.

Amy's words struck a chord deep within Burke. Despite his good health, he realized the fragility of well-being and how quickly illness can strip away one's happiness and vitality. He pondered on the universal importance of health, especially for older people, and how it should be prioritized and protected.

This epiphany led Burke to question his career path. While promising, his current job left him unfulfilled. Drawing inspiration from his love for sports and Amy's predicament, a vision began to form: What if there was a smartwatch that combined top-notch fitness features with advanced health monitoring - blood pressure, glucose levels, ECG - all at an accessible price point?

Driven by this newfound purpose, Burke took a leap of faith. He bid farewell to his job and reached out to his friend Joey. Together, they founded BKW, a smart wearable company with a mission to democratize health technology.

BKWAT transcends mere gadgetry; it's a movement empowering individuals to take charge of their health. Born from a transformative friendship, our story exemplifies how a single conversation can ignite a revolution in personal wellness: we're fostering a new era of health consciousness, where technology becomes a catalyst for positive change in people's lives.

At BKWAT, we're not just creating smartwatches; we're crafting guardians for your health, inspired by Amy's story and fueled by our passion for universal well-being and fitness.

Join us in our journey to make health monitoring accessible, BKWAT's affordable smart watch is good to push yourself to exercise more.

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