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BKWAT Smart Ring Health Tracker-Subscription Free

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Use the discount code and pay only $84. Hurry up and buy it!


What is the BK Smart Ring?

The BK Smart Ring does more than look lovely on your finger. This high-tech piece of jewelry is your personal health and wellness coach that you can wear daily! It uses sensors to track your sleep quality, heart rate, and body temperature. So it lets you make smarter choices to live a healthier lifestyle, and you don't have to guess if you're taking good care of yourself anymore—the BK Smart Ring will give you the facts so you can feel your best!  

Why Choose BK Smart Ring?


Unique craftsmanship, showing quality

Our bright rings use a ceramic + filling process and stainless steel filling process to
bring you a new wearing experience. Exquisite artistry and material fusion
make your fingertips shine with unique brilliance.


Brand new smart ring, a healthy life on the ring.

All-weather intelligent monitoring integrates health into your daily. The BK Smart Ring seems pretty neat.  It tracks your sleep - not just how long you're asleep but also the quality.  So it'll tell you how much resounding or REM sleep you got if you woke up a bunch.  And your heart rate during the night.  Then it scores each night of sleep, and it's like having your own sleep coach on your finger! 

Proactive healthcare can be super helpful.

Tracking things like your temperature and blood oxygen lets you catch issues early before they get bad. So, a smart ring like BKWAT could help you monitor your health every day.   

Heart rate detection

The heart rate stuff it offers is likely accurate, which matters a ton if you're exercising or playing sports. Seeing your heart rate spikes and dips shows you when your body's stressed or when you might be able to push a little harder and 

Blood OX detection

Having the temperature and blood oxygen features all in one device gives you an excellent overall picture of what's up with your health. Those could be useful if you're feeling sick or want to keep closer track of how you're doing.

They might help you pick up on stuff going on with your body that you wouldn't have noticed otherwise!


Factory Original Custom X1 electronic digital smartring finger health sleep monitoring sports fitness tracker smart ring X1

10 Days Long Battery Life

Battery life is solid, too. It'll last about a week per charge, so you can wear it without worrying about plugging it in every night. It comes with a charger that seems easy to use. 

So yeah, it's a decent bright ring if you're into health tracking and all that!

Lightweight and comfortable to wear

The ring has a basic yet fashionable look perfect for daily wear, from the office to a night out.  Once it becomes part of your routine, you'll hardly notice the lightweight, bright ring on your finger.  Crafted from stainless steel and nanoceramics, this high-tech accessory weighs just 8 grams!

Wireless synchronization with the BKWAT Ring app

The ring pairs wirelessly with your phone and the app, syncing all the health data it gathers so you can check your activity and wellness progress anytime.  The app's variety of graphs lets you monitor your improvements.  Compatible with both Android and iPhones, the app makes it simple to access all your stats in one convenient spot.

Factory Original Custom X1 electronic digital smartring finger health sleep monitoring sports fitness tracker smart ring X1

Multi Sports Mode

Whether you're a gym rat or just casually exercising, the BK Smart Ring has something for everyone with its convenient sports features. All that data it collects gives you a helpful snapshot of your overall daily well-being.

multi-dimensional health monitoring, life goes on, exploration never stops.
This little ring also monitors your activity and exercise. It counts your steps, the distance you walked or ran, and calories burned—all that jazz. It has specific sports modes to track walks, runs, and bike rides in more detail. Plus, it scores your daily activity, too, trying to nudge you to move more. 

With that handy information, you'll get ideas for little changes you can make to your habits and routine so you feel more refreshed and energized all day long!

BK Smart Ring with IP68 deep waterproof

Fully enclosed structure, IP68 waterproof technology,
wearable for swimming, diving, or snorkeling, support
1000m depth waterproof to meet your various waterproof needs.

How to choose the right size smart ring

When buying a smart ring, as with any ring, it is important to choose the right size. When the ring is just the right size, it is comfortable and virtually undetectable to wear.

So how do you measure your ring size if you don't have an old ring or a caliper? Home measuring is easy with a string and a ruler. In addition to the string and the ruler, you will need scissors and a pencil. So here's what you need to do:

1. Cut a short piece of string and wrap it around the finger to be measured at the widest point of your finger. Make sure the string fits snugly and is not too loose or tight.

2. Mark with a pencil where the ends of the string meet. Then spread the string straight out on a flat surface. Then measure the length of the string up to the mark with a ruler. The measurement you get is the circumference of your finger.

3. BKWAT Smart Ring 3 is available in eight different sizes. Size options start at 52 mm circumference and sizes are available up to 70 mm circumference. Choose the size closest to your circumference from the options available. If your size falls between the two sizes or if you are unsure of the correct ring size, we recommend you choose a larger size.

Size (Finger circumference)

Factory Original Custom X1 electronic digital smartring finger health sleep monitoring sports fitness tracker smart ring X1



BKWAT Smart Ring Health Tracker-Subscription Free
ceramic white / 6#-51.8 mm - $98.88

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good waterproof

I tested it underwater and it's waterproof an absolute must. When you put it in the charging case it magnetically aligns the charging port really nice.

Amazing Ring

Like this ring very much. The app seamlessly connected to the ring.
Amazingly using when you want to monitor your sleep during night, best quality and delivery!

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